Azerbaijan hosts an exclusive meeting on Tourism advancement in Bahrain

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan hosted an exclusive meeting on tourism advancement at Ritz Carlton Hotel Bahrain. The meeting took place on Thursday 9th November 2017 welcoming over 50 specialists in travel trade industry including deputy CEO Gulf Air Captain Waleed Abdul Hameed Al Alawi, dignitaries, leaders of travel industry and media representatives. The event was organized by the Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in GCC, Atlantis Holidays.
Looking at recent improvement in tourism inflow to Azerbaijan, where the country set a record with a 30 fold growth in overnight visit from GCC Market in 2016, and a massive spike in 2017 with over 8-fold, rise in visitors from Bahrain alone, the meeting is just one way to set in motion the already moving train of impressive sentiment for Azerbaijan tourism. The country has developed into one of the biggest tourism players and hopes to hone its strategy.

Addressing the event, the Azerbaijani Minister of Culture and Tourism revealed the country’s latest success and improvement projects with strategies directed at drawing more Bahraini tourists. He talked of the tourism atmosphere in Bahrain by stating “We are having this exclusive meeting in Bahrain given the influence of this market to Azerbaijani tourism. Bahrainis are great people who are respected and love to travel. And Bahrain is assuredly among the dominant 5 countries with tourists visiting Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is an outstanding destination for GCC travelers, particularly the Bahrainis. We share great culture, and Azerbaijan being a diverse destination it offers great halal food, scenery, shopping and easy accessibility because of its closeness, just 2 and half hours from Bahrain. Besides that, Bahrainis get visas on arrival to Azerbaijan and can even get advance visa online.”

Minister Garayev also included that Azerbaijan is great at safety and security because the country is aware of how essential this is for many tourists. He further talked about some of the inclinations that serve as a base of Azerbaijan Tourism’s expansion plans to be a unique tourist destination, and a valuable consideration among couples and families.

The Chairman of the Representative Office Mr. Rashid AL Noori on his part said “What distinguishes Azerbaijan from all the other destinations is the necessary climatic conditions, The Halal way of life in Azerbaijan with the homely and luxurious feel the country presents to Bahrainis and GCC visitors at large,”

AL Noori highlighted the expanded air links to Azerbaijan from GCC, and operation of Azerbaijan Airlines, Fly Dubai, AirArabia, Qatar Airways, Jazeera Airways, and Wataniya Air. He also pointed out that Etihad Airways will launch flights to Azerbaijan starting March 2018.

Irene Osegere


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